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Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Scholar

photo of Davis Jenkins

Davis Jenkins is a senior research scholar at CCRC. He works with colleges and states to find ways to improve educational and employment outcomes for students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jenkins’s research and thinking have informed the development and spread of innovative approaches to improving student outcomes, including career pathways, adult technical bridge programs (such as Washington State's I-BEST), and guided pathways to success (GPS).

Together with Thomas Bailey and Shanna Jaggars, he is the author of a new book, Redesigning America’s Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success (Harvard University Press, 2015), which synthesizes key findings from CCRC’s research on strategies for improving student completion and learning.

He is currently leading research projects aimed at improving the effectiveness of 2- and 4-year institutions in enabling community college transfer students to earn college degrees and on identifying strategies for helping students enter a program of study suited to their interests and aspirations.

Jenkins holds a PhD in public policy analysis from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from Princeton University.