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Prior Learning Assessment: A Key Piece of the Credit-Noncredit Discussion

To boost adult enrollment and credential attainment, community colleges must make it easier for students to secure college credit for their previous work experience. 

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2021

Households With Kids See Continued Educational Hurdles as Pandemic Drags On

Census survey data reveals that a significant number of American students in every region of the United States changed their postsecondary plans as a result of the pandemic. CCRC Director Thomas Brock, who analyzed similar Census data last year, told Education Week that, although he's less optimistic than he was before the onset of the Delta variant, he still believes the community college sector's worst pandemic days have passed.

AUGUST 31, 2021

‘A Red Flag’ on Transfers

Racial inequities plague upward transfer enrollment, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center that also found that colleges and universities lost nearly 200,000 transfer students from July 2020 to June 2021. CCRC Senior Research Associate John Fink told Inside Higher Ed that the upward transfer rate, which remained relatively steady during the last year, is still too low.  

AUGUST 29, 2021

What's Working at Michigan Colleges in Remedial Education

This package of stories from Crain's Detroit Business describes how colleges in southeast Michigan are changing their approaches to developmental education to improve student outcomes. In an op-ed, CCRC Senior Research Scholar Nikki Edgecombe argued that institutions must update their understanding of "college readiness" and expand immediate access to college-level mathematics and English courses. Meanwhile, CCRC Affiliate James Jacobs wrote that developmental education reform will improve graduation rates.