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In the first edition of a series that takes you behind the scenes at CCRC, get to know Senior Research Fellow Jordan Matsudaira, who spent time in the White House before coming to Teachers College.

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DECEMBER 06, 2018

Despite the Education Department making its repeal a priority, the Obama-era gainful employment rule is still on the books—but it isn’t being enforced. CCRC Senior Research Fellow Jordan Matsudaira spoke to Inside Higher Ed about what the lack of follow through signals about the department.

NOVEMBER 21, 2018

While some liberal lawmakers have floated the idea of forgiving student debt, doing so would be counterproductive, David Leonhardt writes in this New York Times op-ed. To make the case that cancelling loans would only help the upper middle class, Leonhardt references CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton’s January report on loan default rates.

NOVEMBER 16, 2018

This Education Dive story explores the relationship between the newly reinstated year-round Pell grant and community colleges’ summer enrollment. It references CCRC Postdoctoral Research Associate Vivian Liu’s recently published paper on the topic.

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