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Can Innovation Scale? Lessons From the 2019 League for Innovation Conference

Drawing on lessons learned from CUNY ASAP, iPass, and faculty development cycles, this blog post explores why some reforms prove successful in multiple contexts, while others do not. 

CCRC in the News

MARCH 22, 2019

Three Ways Community Colleges Must Adapt to Workforce Changes

This Education Dive story summarizes CCRC’s latest working paper, which outlines ways community colleges should adapt to keep up with the evolving needs of the workforce.

MARCH 21, 2019

Neoliberalism Is Not Always a Negative

Many academics oppose the use of market-based principles in higher education. However, as CCRC Research Affiliates Rebecca Natow and Kevin Dougherty write in this Times Higher Education piece, neoliberal policies can positively impact students when implemented thoughtfully.

MARCH 21, 2019

Breaking Out of the Shadow College

Separating credit- and non-credit work-force programs at community colleges disadvantages students and local economies, CCRC Research Affiliate James Jacobs writes in this Inside Higher Ed piece. Instead of silohing these opportunities, institutions should look to strengthen the connections between them.