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Shining a Light on the Growing Population of English Learners

English language learners compose a growing portion of the community college population, but little research thus far has been devoted to examining their experiences. This blog post explains why it's important to fill in the gap. 

CCRC in the News

AUGUST 20, 2019

Streamlining the Transfer Process

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins weighed-in on the quality of the supports available to transfer students and the challenges they face in this Inside Higher Ed story. The piece describes a new partnership in Virginia that aims to improve outcomes for transfers. 

AUGUST 08, 2019

The Truth About Student Debt: It's Bad, But That's No Reason To Avoid Loans

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton spoke to Newsweek for its cover story on the realities of student loan debt. Among other topics, Scott-Clayton touched on the challenges faced by borrowers with the least amount of debt, as well as the troubling racial patterns among student loan defaulters. 

AUGUST 07, 2019

Tech Not a Cure-all in Student Advising

Researchers from CCRC and MDRC studied how the expansion of advising technologies and new communication strategies affected three institutions. This Campus Technology story describes their findings.