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Corequisite Remediation Is Shown to Improve Gateway Course Outcomes. Now What?

In this new blog post, CCRC's Florence Xiaotao Ran describes recent findings on corequisite remediation and poses three vital questions for moving the field forward.

CCRC in the News

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Making Headway on ESL

CCRC's Jessica Braithwaite and Julia Raufman met with several community college academic vice presidents to describe the center's findings on English language learners. This Inside Higher Ed piece details how doing so helped push the conversation forward.

JANUARY 22, 2020

Fixes for Short-Term Pell

In this Inside Higher Ed essay, CCRC Research Affiliate Jim Jacobs describes three potential unintended consequences of allowing students to apply Pell funds to short-term training programs.

JANUARY 21, 2020

Post-Secondary Funding Changes

CCRC Research Affiliate Kevin Dougherty spoke to CBC radio about performance funding for higher education in Alberta, Canada. Based on his research, Dougherty described some of the benefits, disadvantages, and unintended impacts of such a model.