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Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

Title Date Conference Presenter
Community Colleges: Opening Doors to STEM Talent Everywhere 08/03/21 National Science Board Meeting Thomas Brock, Krissy DeAlejandro, Mary Slowinski, Reavelyn M. Pray, Geri Richmond
The Dual Enrollment Playbook: Strengthening Partnerships to Advance Equity 07/22/21 New Jersey Center for Student Success Webinar Elisabeth A. Barnett
Estimating Trends in Access to Dual Enrollment Using IPEDS and CRDC Data 06/28/21 Association for Institutional Research Educator Web Conferences John Fink
Guided Pathways: Redesigning College to Increase Equity in Persistence and Completion Rates 06/10/21 Pave the Way Conference Davis Jenkins, Sierra Bray, Maggie Harada, Allison Kang, Jade Kanui Roque, Tomas Ybarra
Smoothing the Path for Transfer Students 05/17/21 Chronicle of Higher Education Virtual Events Davis Jenkins, Katherine Mangan, Janet Marling, Alfred Herrera, Michael Morgan
Lessons from Lesson Study: A Model for Improving Teaching in Postsecondary Mathematics 05/12/21 American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) Webinar Susan Bickerstaff, Jacqueline Raphael, Natalie Denny, Michele Marden
Accessing Federal Data on Access to Dual Enrollment by State, College, and School 04/28/21 National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Webinar John Fink, Amy Williams
Research on Mathematics Instruction at Community Colleges 04/20/21 Mathematical Association of America Webinar Susan Bickerstaff, Vilma Mesa, Claire Wladis, Laura Watkins, Irene Duranczyk, April Ström, Megan Breit-Goodwin, Ann Sitomer
Building Stronger Evidence for Faculty Professional Development: Measuring Student Outcomes 04/15/21 Council for the Study of Community Colleges (CSCC) Annual Conference Florence Xiaotao Ran, Susan Bickerstaff, Lindsay A. Leasor
College Transfer Aspirations and Trajectories 04/12/21 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting Shanna Smith Jaggars, Maggie P. Fay, John Fink, Negar Farakish, Yuxin Lin
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