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Higher Education Leaders Join CCRC’s Advisory Board


Three new members are joining CCRC’s National Advisory Board, bringing fresh perspectives to the 12-member body and bolstering the center’s already strong connections with community college educators and other leaders in the field.

Moving Beyond Semester vs. Quarter System


Former research intern Hamnah Malik breaks down the potential benefits and drawbacks of the quarter system and discusses how a similar system of mini-semesters at community colleges could facilitate learning and promote student success. 

What Happened to Community College Enrollment During the First Years of the Pandemic? It Depends on the Students’ Age


For the first time following the pandemic, we can examine detailed state- and college-level enrollment trends by age group using the latest federal data. Senior Research Associate and Program Lead John Fink examines these numbers and offers three major takeaways on how community college enrollment changed during the pandemic.

A Year in Review: Major Events and Milestones for CCRC in 2022


This year, loosened social distancing measures allowed a number of opportunities for us to reconnect—a welcomed change from recent years. As 2022 comes to a close, we look back on a year of accomplishments by CCRC colleagues and celebrate their efforts to make a college education more accessible, equitable, and rewarding for students.

Many-Cause Explanations for Student Success


In this blog post, Christopher Quarles, a former community college teacher and current PhD candidate at the University of Michigan School of Information, shares findings from his recently published study on student capital, which he defines as the cumulative effect of all factors that account for student success.