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Online Courses Aren’t Going Away: Two New Reports Show How Self-Directed Learning Skills Can Improve Student Success


Although the rise in online coursetaking has benefits in terms of convenience and flexibility for students, it is not without challenges. Two new reports offer insights into approaches that can help colleges support students in online courses, particularly STEM courses.

Community Colleges Combating Climate Change


In April, CCRC hosted an all-day meeting in Louisville, KY focused on understanding the ways community colleges can contribute to the green energy transition with the goal of developing a research agenda around community colleges and climate change.

CCRC Heads West for the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference


CCRC hosted two sessions at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference in March. This blog post summarizes the sessions and covers CCRC's presence at NASPA.

Two Large Studies Measure Progress on Guided Pathways at Community Colleges


Because whole-college reform is hard to evaluate, no prior major study has examined how successfully colleges have adopted guided pathways or what its effects have been on students. Now, two recent studies from CCRC are providing an unprecedented look at guided pathways reforms at approximately 100 colleges.

Building Stronger Collaborations Between Community Colleges and Disciplinary Societies


For university faculty, disciplinary societies provide support throughout their careers—stimulating new ideas and fostering collaborations. How can these supports be more accessible to faculty teaching in community colleges? A new report summarizes the outcomes of a 2023 workshop that created action plans for increased collaboration and engagement.