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Celebrating CCRC’s 2023 Graduating Researchers


Commencement season is here! This spring, CCRC is proud to celebrate four researchers who have completed their graduate degrees. These hardworking individuals finished their programs all while making valuable contributions to CCRC fieldwork, presenting at conferences, and poring over data.

The (50) State(s) of Transfer Data


Students are told that enrolling in a community college is an affordable onramp to a bachelor’s degree. But in reality, only a small percentage of students transfer and graduate. To fix the problem, experts first have to know what’s causing it. Alex Anacki and Jessica Steiger address the current lack of available transfer data.

Pathways Through the Bluegrass: Reform at Bluegrass Community and Technical College


Dr. Karen Mayo reflects on the 2022 Guided Pathways Summer Institute, sharing how Bluegrass Community and Technical College has since worked to implement pathways reforms and how their efforts have evolved.

Why Has Community College Enrollment Declined and What Can We Do About It?


Recent data suggest that students are returning to community colleges, though total numbers are well below pre-pandemic levels. Davis Jenkins explores the causes of enrollment declines in recent decades and examines ways colleges can build on successful reforms to improve student outcomes.

Five Models for Earning College Credit in High School: Evaluating Their Potential to Smooth the High-School-to-College Transition for Underserved Students


Earning college credit in high school enables more students—especially those historically underrepresented in higher education—to pursue college after high school. However, many students who stand to benefit the most from these opportunities often have limited access to them. Jessica Steiger breaks down a new CCRC brief that examines the potential of five different models to help underrepresented students enter college degree programs in high-opportunity fields.