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Behind the Scenes of Guided Pathways Implementation at Greenfield Community College


Chet Jordan of Greenfield Community College explores the College's guided pathways reforms and discusses how they have evolved since CCRC's Guided Pathways Summer Institute.

Pathways Through the Bluegrass: Reform at Bluegrass Community and Technical College


Dr. Karen Mayo reflects on the 2022 Guided Pathways Summer Institute, sharing how Bluegrass Community and Technical College has since worked to implement pathways reforms and how their efforts have evolved.

You Control Who You Enroll


As President of Edison State Community College Dr. Doreen Larson explains, colleges can—and should—take responsibility for enrollment. Larson identifies four tools for doing so: timing, testing, transfer, and tuition. 

Unlocking Opportunity: Rethinking Community College Programs to Ensure Equitable Post-Graduation Success


The Aspen Institute and CCRC are launching Unlocking Opportunity: The Post-Graduation Success and Equity Network, a project to accelerate the next phase of reform at 10 community colleges.

Why the First Year Matters Most for Transfer


In a blog post for Inside Higher Ed, Umika Kumar argues that to help more students transfer, colleges should invest in their first year, highlighting practices from CCRC's Ask-Connect-Inspire-Plan (ACIP) framework.