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CCRC Heads West for the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference


CCRC hosted two sessions at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference in March. This blog post summarizes the sessions and covers CCRC's presence at NASPA.

Celebrating the Strengths of First-Generation College Students


In celebration of first-generation students, Hoori Kalamkarian and Melissa Herman share findings from a recent CCRC-led study on first-generation college students’ support networks and how those relationships shape their college journeys.

Student Perspectives on What Makes a Caring Campus: A Little Goes a Long Way


What do students consider important for creating a sense of welcome and belonging at college? Susan Bickerstaff, Selena Cho, Elisabeth A. Barnett, and Andrea Lopez Salazar spoke with students and found that relatively simple actions by faculty and staff can make a big difference.

Webinar on Improving Equity Features CCRC Experts, Queensborough Community College Leaders


In the webinar Helping Black, Latinx, and Limited-Income Students at High-Performing iPASS Colleges: An Exploration of Support Practices, which took place September 20, 2022, CCRC Senior Research Associate Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian and Research Associate Andrea Lopez Salazar discussed their research at five colleges with some improvements in outcomes among these student groups. 

First-Generation College Students’ Personal Networks and Their Influence on the Use of Student Supports


Much is unknown about the nature of first-generation students' personal networks, but a new CCRC study is changing that. CCRC Senior Research Assistant and PEAR Fellow Melissa Herman and Senior Research Associate Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian discuss the impetus for the study and share some preliminary findings in this blog post.