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The Mixed Methods Blog

Perspectives from our researchers, highlights from recent studies, and other news about CCRC

What Does It Mean to Be a Caring Campus During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


It's important to connect with students and staff in ordinary times, but during the pandemic, fostering a sense of campus community is all the more crucial. In this blog post, experts offer ideas for keeping staff and students engaged and feeling supported while everyone is remote.

Resources for Advisors During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Student support professionals across the country have transitioned to remote advising in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Here, CCRC's Andrea Lopez compiles resources for making the change effectively.

League for Innovation Annual Conference: CCRC Live Blog


CCRC researchers presented on guided pathways, equity, and more during the 2020 League for Innovation in the Community College annual conference. Check out we happened in Seattle! 

What It Takes to Redesign Advising


In this blog post, CCRC Senior Research Associate Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian describes what researchers have learned so far about advising redesign, as well as what the field can expect from the center's iPASS project moving forward. 

Turning Research Into Action


Melinda Karp, a former assistant director of CCRC, writes about how colleges can turn research into institution-specific reforms through a detailed planning process that determines what reform strategies might work and how they will play out day to day.