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CCRC Welcomes Five Undergraduate Interns


The summer season for CCRC is now underway, and five undergraduate interns are bringing new ideas to the center as they support research and communications teams. Learn more about the interns in this blog post.

A Career in Crafting Change: Elisabeth Barnett Retires After 16 Years With CCRC

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After 16 years with CCRC, Elisabeth Barnett moved toward retirement in 2023. This blog post explores the researcher's early career and time at CCRC.

Online Courses Aren’t Going Away: Two New Reports Show How Self-Directed Learning Skills Can Improve Student Success


Although the rise in online coursetaking has benefits in terms of convenience and flexibility for students, it is not without challenges. Two new reports offer insights into approaches that can help colleges support students in online courses, particularly STEM courses.

Community Colleges Combating Climate Change


In April, CCRC hosted an all-day meeting in Louisville, KY focused on understanding the ways community colleges can contribute to the green energy transition with the goal of developing a research agenda around community colleges and climate change.

CCRC Heads West for the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference


CCRC hosted two sessions at the 2024 NASPA Annual Conference in March. This blog post summarizes the sessions and covers CCRC's presence at NASPA.