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Building Stronger Collaborations Between Community Colleges and Disciplinary Societies


For university faculty, disciplinary societies provide support throughout their careers—stimulating new ideas and fostering collaborations. How can these supports be more accessible to faculty teaching in community colleges? A new report summarizes the outcomes of a 2023 workshop that created action plans for increased collaboration and engagement.

Aftershocks: How the Pandemic Affected Community College Finances


Four years after the initial COVID-19 outbreak, information showing how funding for community colleges was affected by the pandemic is now available. In this blog post, the authors highlight some overall findings from a newly released Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) dataset.

“Waiving” Goodbye to Placement Tests for Dual Enrollment in Ohio


Ohio waived testing-based eligibility requirements for some dual enrollment students by introducing the Innovative Program (IP) policy in 2017. A new CCRC working paper examines how the state policy was implemented and whether it resulted in expanded access and improved outcomes for Black and Hispanic students.

New Federal Transfer Data: Which Colleges Are Serving Community College Transfers Best?


The U.S. Department of Education recently released data on community college student transfer and outcomes. What do the data reveal about how well colleges and universities are serving community college transfer students? This post highlights three major takeaways from the data.

Celebrating the Strengths of First-Generation College Students


In celebration of first-generation students, Hoori Kalamkarian and Melissa Herman share findings from a recent CCRC-led study on first-generation college students’ support networks and how those relationships shape their college journeys.