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Inside CCRC: Sarahi Hernandez and the Journey of Self-Fulfillment Through Higher Education

Headshot of Sarahi Hernandez, Research Intern at CCRC

Sarahi Hernandez is an interning research assistant investigating multiple measures assessment as an alternative to standardized testing for placement in developmental courses. In this Q&A, Hernandez explains her interest in higher education research and how she came to CCRC.

Inside CCRC: Chelenny Paulino Batista's Passion for Research


Chelenny Paulino Batista is interning at CCRC as a research assistant, participating in a study aimed at understanding the support networks of first-generation students in California colleges. In this Q&A, find out more about how research fits into Paulino Batista's career plans and how she has been contributing to her team’s work.

Inside CCRC: Aurely Garcia Tulloch on the Dual Enrollment Experience, Youth, and Increasing Access to Higher Education


Aurely Garcia Tulloch reflects on how family, her passion for higher education, and her own experiences as a former dual enrollment student led her to her current research, which centers students and the dual enrollment experience.

Inside CCRC: Jessica Steiger on the Significance of Transitional Periods in Educational Equity


Jessie Steiger has always understood the power of transitions. From her own turbulent transition into high school to the challenges she faced as a transfer student at Penn State, the CCRC senior research assistant and PEAR fellow says the times she spent in flux tuned her in to the ways the education system is stacked against some students. 

Inside CCRC: Farzana Matin on Why Higher Education Means Opportunity

Inside CCRC: Farzana Matin on Why Higher Education Means Opportunity

In this Q&A, find out more about Intern Farzana Matin, her interest in mental health, her undergraduate experience, and what she’s learned during her time at CCRC.