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Letter from the Director: Post-Affirmative Action, How Community Colleges Can Advance Racial Equity in Higher Education


CCRC Director Thomas Brock responds to the Supreme Court's decision to strike down race-conscious admissions practices and advocates for open-access institutions as a tool to increase racial equity.

Stealth Transfer: How Former Dual Enrollment Students Are Disrupting Postsecondary Education for the Better


Dual enrollment students, or "stealth transfer students," and their pathway are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Aurely Garcia Tulloch explains the issues this raises for both two- and four-year institutions and how the transfer pathway could be better leveraged for increasing college access and equity in a new blog post originally published by Inside Higher Ed.

Student Perspectives on What Makes a Caring Campus: A Little Goes a Long Way


What do students consider important for creating a sense of welcome and belonging at college? Susan Bickerstaff, Selena Cho, Elisabeth A. Barnett, and Andrea Lopez Salazar spoke with students and found that relatively simple actions by faculty and staff can make a big difference.

How Do Dual Enrollment Course Characteristics Predict Course Outcomes and College Entrance?


As dual enrollment participation has expanded, so too have the types of programs and courses offered. Lauren Schudde and Wonsun Ryu discuss how differences in course set up have the potential to shape students’ dual enrollment experiences and overall course performance, as well as their subsequent college enrollment decisions.

Behind the Scenes of Guided Pathways Implementation at Greenfield Community College


Chet Jordan of Greenfield Community College explores the College's guided pathways reforms and discusses how they have evolved since CCRC's Guided Pathways Summer Institute.