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What Happened to Community College Enrollment During the First Years of the Pandemic? It Depends on the Students’ Age


For the first time following the pandemic, we can examine detailed state- and college-level enrollment trends by age group using the latest federal data. Senior Research Associate and Program Lead John Fink examines these numbers and offers three major takeaways on how community college enrollment changed during the pandemic.

How Much Are Community College Graduates Earning Two Years Later?


In an update to their Tableau dashboard using IPEDS data to show which credentials students are completing by college and state, John Fink and Davis Jenkins incorporated earnings data to lend additional insight into programs' postgraduation outcomes.

How Many Schools in Your State Shut Out Students From Dual Enrollment or AP?


This interactive blog post allows you to see what percentage of schools in your state have excluded high school students with disabilities, English language learners, and students by race/ethnicity from college-level coursework.

To Build Back Enrollment, Community Colleges Must Ensure That Their Programs Are Worth Completing

To Build Back Enrollment, Community Colleges Must Ensure That Their Programs Are Worth Completing

It's not enough to make it easier to go to college; to boost enrollment, students must have access to valuable programs. To that end, our latest interactive tool shows you what credentials students are completing at your college or in your state.

Make Your Voice Heard for More Actionable, Equity-Focused Dual Enrollment Data


The Department of Education is considering adjustments to IPEDS to better clarify and capture data on dual enrollment. Comment on the proposal—which would yield data disaggregated by student race/ethnicity and gender—by August 6.