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Navigating the FAFSA: What Students Say About the Financial Aid Application Process

Photos of three CUNY students being interviewed

Although there has been a movement to simplify the FAFSA application, challenges still remain. Emily Perez interviews three CUNY students on their experiences applying for financial aid and reflects on her own experiences filling out the FAFSA application.

How Do Dual Enrollment Course Characteristics Predict Course Outcomes and College Entrance?


As dual enrollment participation has expanded, so too have the types of programs and courses offered. Lauren Schudde and Wonsun Ryu discuss how differences in course set up have the potential to shape students’ dual enrollment experiences and overall course performance, as well as their subsequent college enrollment decisions.

Five Models for Earning College Credit in High School: Evaluating Their Potential to Smooth the High-School-to-College Transition for Underserved Students


Earning college credit in high school enables more students—especially those historically underrepresented in higher education—to pursue college after high school. However, many students who stand to benefit the most from these opportunities often have limited access to them. Jessica Steiger breaks down a new CCRC brief that examines the potential of five different models to help underrepresented students enter college degree programs in high-opportunity fields.

How Can Community Colleges Afford to Offer Dual Enrollment College Courses to High School Students at a Discount?


Many community colleges offer dual enrollment courses at a lower tuition rate than is paid by post-high school students. But—as dual enrollment students have come to comprise a larger share of community college enrollments—can colleges afford to continue offering these courses at a discount? Clive Belfield, Davis Jenkins, and John Fink consider how community colleges can structure their programs to be more efficient and financially sustainable.

An Opportunity to Expand College Access? Rethinking Dual Enrollment Eligibility Policies Post-Pandemic


Suspended at the height of the pandemic, placement testing is back on the table as an option for determining eligibility for dual enrollment—what should states and colleges do? CCRC researchers John Fink, Sarah Griffin, and Maggie Fay share their recommendations in this blog post.