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CCRC Webinar Explores What We’ve Learned From AACC Pathways Colleges

Banner displays webinar title and photos of three lead researchers

In a recent webinar, Hana Lahr and Davis Jenkins of CCRC and Laurel Williamson of San Jacinto College shared recommendations and highlighted key practices for implementing guided pathways at scale.

Introducing DEEP: A Research-Based Framework for Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment


A new approach to dual enrollment encourages community colleges to partner with middle and high schools to motivate and prepare underserved students to pursue a postsecondary degree in a field of interest directly after high school.

CCRC Welcomes Five Interns for Summer 2023


This summer, the research and communications teams at CCRC are joined by five undergraduate interns. With backgrounds ranging from research and psychology to journalism and the humanities, this summer’s cohort brings fresh perspectives and energy to CCRC.

Celebrating CCRC’s 2023 Graduating Researchers


Commencement season is here! This spring, CCRC is proud to celebrate four researchers who have completed their graduate degrees. These hardworking individuals finished their programs all while making valuable contributions to CCRC fieldwork, presenting at conferences, and poring over data.

CCRC Awarded Major Grant to Support Five Research Projects


CCRC has been awarded $7 million to support five projects that will allow the center to build on current research, expand into new areas, and share our knowledge with the field.