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Webinar on Improving Equity Features CCRC Experts, Queensborough Community College Leaders

iPASS webinar

Over the past two years, CCRC researchers have been exploring the approaches colleges are using to try to narrow equity gaps and improve the experiences of minoritized and low-income college students.

In a recent webinar, CCRC Senior Research Associate Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian and Research Associate Andrea Lopez Salazar discussed their research at five colleges with some improvements in outcomes among Black, Latinx, and/or limited-income students. The colleges were part of the Integrating Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) project.

The webinar also featured administrators from Queensborough Community College in New York City, who talked about their work around equity, including auditing student outcomes to uncover gaps, bolstering professional development through communities of practice and other strategies, and creating equity dashboards. The webinar, Helping Black, Latinx, and Limited-Income Students at High-Performing iPASS Colleges: An Exploration of Support Practices, took place September 20, 2022. The video is available below, and the presentations are also available for download.

A report on the research will be posted soon on the CCRC website.

The webinar is the second to explore the research from this project. In the first, in November 2021, CCRC researchers explained how they used data to identify colleges that narrowed gaps and officials from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College discussed what they are doing to improve equity.

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