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AAC&U Transforming STEM Higher Education Conference

Creative Strategies to Support Self-Directed Learning in Online Intro STEM Courses

In this session, researchers will report on findings from a study of the ways that instructors teaching online introductory STEM courses use instructional strategies and educational technology to help students develop self-directed learning (SDL) skills and mindsets like motivation, planning, help-seeking, and reflection. Drawing on 12 in-depth interviews with faculty members at community colleges and broad-access institutions, the presenters will describe how instructors are using creative strategies to set the foundation for students' development of SDL skills and mindsets at the start of online STEM courses and the ways they enable students to practice and grow their skills as the courses progress. The presenters will then engage participants in a discussion of how STEM classroom-level strategies can be supported through institutional policies and practices, how context and culture shape student learning, and how SDL strategies can better support students from diverse backgrounds.


Amy E. Brown, Research Associate, CCRC

Krystal Thomas, Education Researcher, SRI Education

Webinar: Helping Black, Latinx, and Limited-Income Students at High-Performing iPASS Colleges: An Exploration of Support Practices

September 20, 2022

In this webinar, CCRC researchers described the practices that five iPASS institutions—three community colleges and two four-year public universities—implemented or were actively pursuing in their efforts to improve outcomes among Black, Latinx, and limited-income students.

These five institutions were chosen because they had demonstrated improvements in outcomes among Black, Latinx, and/or limited-income students, suggesting that an exploration of their practices could point to promising approaches for serving underrepresented groups.

This webinar also featured administrators from Queensborough Community College, who discussed the advising and student support policies, practices, and guidelines that contributed to positive outcomes among Black, Latinx, and limited-income groups.


Senior Research Associate
Community College Research Center
Research Associate
Community College Research Center
Brian Mitra
Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Queensborough Community College
Amaris Matos
Chief Diversity Officer
Queensborough Community College
Kerri-Ann M. Smith
Associate Professor of English
Queensborough Community College

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