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Inside CCRC: Jessica Steiger on the Significance of Transitional Periods in Educational Equity


Jessie Steiger has always understood the power of transitions. From her own turbulent transition into high school to the challenges she faced as a transfer student at Penn State, the CCRC senior research assistant and PEAR fellow says the times she spent in flux tuned her in to the ways the education system is stacked against some students. 

Meet the PEAR Fellows: Astrid Pineda


PEAR Fellow Astrid Pineda is interested in studying education policies that improve economic opportunity among disadvantaged students, including in the developing world.

Meet the PEAR Fellows: Taylor Myers


PEAR fellow Taylor Myers wants to produce research that informs our understanding of equitable access and success and how students’ personal, professional, and academic experiences shape policymaking and postsecondary outcomes.

Meet the PEAR Fellows: CJ Libassi


As a Postsecondary Education Applied Research (PEAR) fellow, CJ Libassi is digging into quantitative methods and exploring his interests in college access and student loan policy.

Meet the PEAR Fellows: Melissa Herman


Melissa Herman, a member of the first class of PEAR Fellows at CCRC and Teachers College, is devoting her career to expanding educational opportunities for students in her hometown of New York City.