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CCRC Releases Biennial Report

CCRC's 2020-2022 Biennial Report

Community colleges are now at the center of a national conversation on how to make college more accessible, affordable, equitable, and effective. CCRC’s 2020–2022 biennial report showcases the center’s work over the past year as the sector struggled with the pandemic, falling enrollment, and other challenges. It also looks ahead to the compelling work we have planned in the coming year that we hope will provide the field with information and analysis it can act on to keep moving community colleges forward.

In just over a dozen pages, the report describes how CCRC research projects and other activities are aimed at improving the experience of underserved students and addressing deep-rooted inequities in higher education. It also discusses the impact of COVID on the colleges and their student, and how CCRC adjusted its research agenda and engagement practices over the past 18 months in response to the needs of the field.

The report, which comes as CCRC celebrates its 25th anniversary, includes a financial snapshot of CCRC and a timeline of events and accomplishments over its history.

We hope you enjoy it!

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