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Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

April 20, 2021 Mathematical Association of America Webinar Online
Title Date Conference Presenter
Making Sense of Developmental Education Reform: What Does the Evidence Tell Us, and What Does It Mean for Practice? 11/12/20 Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM) Conference Thomas Brock, Nikki Edgecombe, Alexander K. Mayer, Donna Linderman, Valerie Lundy-Wagner
The Dual Enrollment Playbook: New Research Findings to Advance Equity 10/26/20 Connect 2020: The NACEP Digital Forum John Fink, Gelsey Mehl, Juanita Morrow, Maria Christina Monroe
Excel Dashboards and Visualizations as a Tool for Motivating and Improving Student Success Reforms 10/23/20 Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning Fall 2020 Meeting John Fink, Thomas Benjamin, Anne Fulkerson
Designing Career Pathways for Economic and Social Mobility 10/21/20 ATD Data & Analytics Summit John Fink, John Friedman, Michael Torrence
Looking at Transfer Through an Equity Lens and from a Student Perspective 10/14/20 Belk Center Research-to-Practice Transfer Series Xueli Wang, John Fink, Pamela Eddy, Melinda Anderson, Eric Fotheringham
Building Momentum: Using Guided Pathways to Redesign the Student Experience 10/05/20 Center for Community College Student Engagement Building Momentum Webinar Linda García, Davis Jenkins, Leigh Goodson
The Transfer Landscape 09/22/20 Inside Higher Ed Webinar Series: Can We Finally Fix Transfer? John Fink, Marty J. Alvarado
Evaluation of a Multiple Measures Placement System Using Data Analytics 08/17/20 Strong Start to Finish August 2020 Webinar Elisabeth A. Barnett, Elizabeth M. Kopko
What Does the Research Say About Effective Placement? 07/29/20 Maryland Placement Policies Community of Practice Virtual Kickoff Meeting Elisabeth A. Barnett
Promoting Equity in Corequisite Courses Delivered Online 07/15/20 Dana Center Corequisite Webinars for Higher Ed Mathematics Faculty Nikki Edgecombe
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