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Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

January 26, 2021 Carnegie Math Pathways Webinar Online
February 3, 2021 CCRC Guided Pathways Cost Study Webinar Online
February 16–19, 2021 Achieving the Dream Annual Institute on Student Success Online
Title Date Conference Presenter
Academic Learning or Occupational Skills? Discussing a Dichotomy 10/30/19 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Morton L. Mandel Annual Public Lecture Thomas Bailey, Clive Belfield, Sandy Baum, Michael S. McPherson
Hard Work Worth Doing: How Advising Redesign Reveals Opportunities for Institutional Learning and Growth 10/22/19 NACADA Annual Conference Lauren Pellegrino, LeeFredrick Bowen
Changing Math Instruction for Students Referred to Developmental Mathematics: Findings from Two Studies 10/10/19 ISETL Conference on Innovative Higher Education Pedagogy Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow, Susan Bickerstaff
The Future of Work: Impact on Community College Programs 10/09/19 National Council for Workforce Education (NCWE) Annual Conference James Jacobs, F. Derrick Edwards, Josh Davies, Jo Alice Blondin
Putting Learning at the Center: Looking Ahead to the Next Decade of Community College Reform 08/22/19 Symposium for Developmental Education/ General Education Susan Bickerstaff
Developing Statewide Policy to Scale a Mathematics Pathways Initiative for Equitable Student Outcome 08/07/19 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference Jennifer Dorsey, Adnan Moussa, Elena Quiroz-Livanis
Policies & Practices to Accelerate Success: The Latest Information on Proven Placement and Pathway Reforms 08/07/19 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference Thomas Brock, Christopher M. Mullin, Elena Quiroz-Livanis
Placement and Multiple Measures Research Overview 06/24/19 SUNY's Strong Start to Finish Placement Workshop Elisabeth A. Barnett, Dan Cullinan
Evidence of Improving Math Learning and Student Success: Findings from Two Studies 06/06/19 Conference on Acceleration in Developmental Education (CADE) Susan Bickerstaff, Gregory Fein, d'Marie Carver
New Approaches to Improving College Readiness 05/21/19 Strategic Data Project Annual Convening Bethany King Wilkes, John Fink, Christine Mokher, Angela Boatman
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