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Maria Scott Cormier, Senior Research Associate

Maria Cormier conducts qualitative research on developmental education reform, teaching and learning, faculty learning and engagement, and student experiences at community colleges. The projects she has worked on at CCRC include Scaling Innovation in the Community College, Analysis of Statewide Developmental Education Reform, CUNY Start Evaluation, Scaling CUNY’s ASAP Program at Bronx Community College, and Postsecondary Language and Literacy Learning (PL3).

Cormier holds a PhD in educational policy studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her dissertation examined the relationship between institutional and cultural understandings of education and community-based learning. She has worked as a consultant for the Web Alignment Tool, a program designed to evaluate the degree of alignment between state educational standards and state assessment tools across the country. She has also worked with the National Academy for Excellent Teaching (NAfET), where she conducted research on a professional development program for small high schools in New York City.