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Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

April 20, 2021 Mathematical Association of America Webinar Online
Title Date Conference Presenter
Community Colleges as Engines for Upward Mobility and Community Vitality 02/16/21 Achieving the Dream Annual Institute on Student Success Susan Mayer, John Fink, Mohammed Bey
What Questions Should You Choose to Research? 02/12/21 Creative Research Challenge Taylor Myers
CCRC Webinar on Costs and Funding of Guided Pathways in California 02/03/21 CCRC Guided Pathways Cost Study Webinar Davis Jenkins, Sonya Christian, Anthony Culpepper, Lizette Navarette
The Road Ahead for Community Colleges: Examining Enrollment, Completion, Purpose, and Value 01/27/21 Strada Education Network Webinar Paul Fain, Nichole Torpey-Saboe, Joe Garcia, Thomas Brock
10 Years: Reflecting on the Movement to Transform Math Education 01/26/21 Carnegie Math Pathways Webinar Karon Klipple, Robert Johnstone, Davis Jenkins
Leading With Equity in Dual Enrollment 01/15/21 Achieving the Dream Webinar Series Karen Stout, Marcia Ballinger, Ava L. Parker, Kathleen Plinske, David E. Thomas, Gelsey Mehl, John Fink
CCRC Cost Study Webinar 11/19/20 CCRC Guided Pathways Cost Study Webinar Davis Jenkins, William Seymour, Diane Snyder, Charles Ansell
The Dual Enrollment Playbook: New Research Findings to Advance Equity 11/16/20 Ohio Association of Community Colleges Fall 2020 Dual Enrollment Pathways Workshop John Fink
Improving Community College Student Transfer and Attainment: Early Momentum Metrics for Formative Evaluation of Community College STEM Transfer Reforms 11/13/20 Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM) Conference John Fink, Taylor Myers, Daniel Sparks, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Florence Xiaotao Ran
The Role of Geography in College Choice and Success: Gaps and Solutions 11/12/20 Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM) Conference Lena Shi, Thomas Brock, Angela Boatman, Celeste K. Carruthers
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