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Melinda Mechur Karp, Assistant Director


Melinda Karp, Assistant Director, is project lead for CCRC’s Evaluation of Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Support (iPASS) project; Corridors of College Success; and the City Colleges of Chicago Pathways Analytics Project. Karp holds a BS in human development and family studies from Cornell University; an MA in sociology and education from Teachers College, Columbia University; and a PhD in sociology and education from Columbia University.

In her 16 years at CCRC, Karp has developed a national reputation as an expert on smoothing students’ transitions into college and supporting them once there. She leads CCRC’s work on advising, institutional reform, and rethinking how to support community college students. Karp regularly keynotes professional meetings and events and comments in media outlets including NPR, The New York Times, and Inside Higher Ed. Her reports and articles have been published in journals such as the Teachers College Record, New Directions for Community Colleges, and Community College Review.

Karp engages with those outside academia, including foundations and policymakers, to develop research-driven strategies to improve student success in higher education. She currently serves on the selection committee for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the California Student Services Portal Steering Committee, and the Supporting Student Success: Adult Education and Remedial Education Reform in Community Colleges Taskforce. Internally, Karp focuses on building CCRC's staff, funding, and strategic capacity by overseeing the professional development of our junior staff and CCRC's engagement with the broader Teachers College community.