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State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality Report

By Melinda Mechur Karp, Thomas Bailey, Katherine L. Hughes & Baranda Fermin

This study provides an overview of current state activity related to dual enrollment and an analysis of the implications of various policy mechanisms on student participation and program growth. CCRC's analysis was particularly concerned with the balance between the need to maintain the academic rigor of dual enrollment programs and the desire to expand access to these programs beyond the most academically advanced students.

The report emphasizes the many choices inherent in creating policies for programs that have multiple goals and include institutions from a variety of education sectors. The report concludes with recommendations to policymakers.

An update to this report was released in September 2005.

An article based on this report, "Expanding the Reach of Dual-Enrollment Programs," was published in Community College Journal, vol. 75.