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What We Know About Technology-Mediated Advising Reform

By: Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian, Melinda Mechur Karp & Elizabeth Ganga


What We Know About Technology-Mediated Advising Reform

This practitioner packet summarizes CCRC’s research on technology-mediated advising reform, and discusses how community colleges and open-access four-year institutions are attempting to use this type of reform—sometimes called e-advising or iPASS (Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success)—to transform advising systems so that they can support a more intensive and personalized case-management model.

Part one of the practitioner packet, What We Know About Technology-Mediated Advising Reform, provides an overview of what these reforms involve and evidence on their effectiveness. Part two, Advising Redesign as a Foundation for Transformative Change, discusses what constitutes transformative change and offers examples of transformative and nontransformative advising reforms. Part three, Creating the Conditions for Advising Redesign, reviews the technological and cultural conditions needed to support successful implementation of advising reforms.