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Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count

November 2005−April 2013

This national nonprofit, dedicated to helping more community college students succeed, supports a network of 160 educational institutions in 30 states and emphasizes the use of data to inform change. In collaboration with MDRC, CCRC is evaluating the “culture of evidence” model of institutional improvement that is being tested by the organization’s participating colleges. CCRC is leading the evaluation of the Washington State Achieving the Dream Colleges. CCRC and MDRC are conducting a survey in two waves about the use of data for improving student outcomes by faculty, administrators, and student services staff at these institutions.

This project is funded by Lumina Foundation, with additional funding from College Spark Washington.


APRIL 2013
A Growing Culture of Evidence? Findings From a Survey on Data Use at Achieving the Dream Colleges in Washington State
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Progress in the First Five Years: An Evaluation of Achieving the Dream Colleges in Washington State
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Turning the Tide: Five Years of Achieving the Dream in Community Colleges
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MARCH 2012
Key Successes and Challenges of the Change Process: Findings from the Round 3 Washington Colleges' Progress in Achieving the Dream
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JULY 2011
Research and Its Implications for State-Level Investments: The "Get With the Program" Analysis
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MAY 2011
Unexplored Issues in Referral and Enrollment in Developmental Education
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