Scaling CUNY’s ASAP Program at Bronx Community College

January 2017–May 2019

The City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (CUNY ASAP)—which combines intensive advising with financial assistance including public transit passes and other supports—has been shown to more than double three-year graduation rates. CCRC is studying the first effort to offer the program to all eligible students at Bronx Community College. CCRC is conducting research on the implementation of the ASAP scale-up, using data and information gathered from interviews and discussions with students, administrators, and faculty to inform and refine the implementation process in real time.

To accomplish this, CCRC will:

  1. document and examine the ASAP scale-up,
  2. measure effects on student outcomes, and
  3. investigate institutional transformation.

This project is funded by The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation.