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Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment (CAPSEE)

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Labor Market Trajectories for Community College Graduates: New Evidence Spanning the Great Recession (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
April 2017
Model Specifications for Estimating Labor Market Returns to Associate Degrees: How Robust Are Fixed Effects Estimates? (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
April 2017
Performance Requirements in Need-Based Aid: What Roles Do They Serve, and Do They Work?
March 2017
The Labor Market Returns to Sub-Baccalaureate College: A Review (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
March 2017
Does the Federal Work-Study Program Really Work—and for Whom?
March 2017
The Impact of Pell Grant Eligibility on Community College Students’ Financial Aid Packages, Labor Supply, and Academic Outcomes
March 2017
Estimating Returns to College Attainment: Comparing Survey and State Administrative Data Based Estimates (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
January 2017
Nonpecuniary Returns to Postsecondary Education: Examining Early Non-Wage Labor Market Outcomes Among College-Goers in the United States (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
January 2017
How and Why Do Adjunct Instructors Affect Students’ Academic Outcomes? Evidence From Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
January 2017
Performance Standards in Need-Based Student Aid (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
December 2016
Goodbye to Summer Vacation? The Effects of Summer Enrollment on College and Employment Outcomes (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
November 2016
Understanding the Relative Value of Alternative Pathways in Postsecondary Education: Evidence From the State of Virginia
October 2016
Early Labor Market and Debt Outcomes for Bachelor’s Degree Recipients: Heterogeneity by Institution Type and Major, and Trends Over Time (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
July 2016
Classifying STEM Programs in Community Colleges to Develop a State-Level Middle-Skill STEM Workforce Strategy (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
June 2016
Does Developmental Education Improve Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence From Two States
June 2016
Do Students Benefit From Going Backward? The Academic and Labor Market Consequences of Four- to Two-Year College Transfer (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
June 2016
How and Why Does Two-Year College Entry Influence Baccalaureate Aspirants’ Academic and Labor Market Outcomes? (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
April 2016
Examining the Earnings Trajectories of Community College Students Using a Piecewise Growth Curve Modeling Approach
January 2016
What About Certificates? Evidence on the Labor Market Returns to Non-Degree Community College Awards in Two States
December 2015
Weathering the Great Recession With Human Capital? Evidence on Labor Market Returns to Education From Arkansas (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
November 2015
The Labor Market Returns to Math in Community College: Evidence Using the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
October 2015
The Impact of Co-locating American Job Centers on Community College Campuses in North Carolina (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
September 2015
Should Student Employment Be Subsidized? Conditional Counterfactuals and the Outcomes of Work-Study Participation
July 2015
The Labor Market Returns to Math Courses in Community College (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
March 2015
On Their Own Terms: Two-Year Minority Serving Institutions
February 2015
What About the Non-Completers? The Labor Market Returns to Progress in Community College
February 2015
Pell Grants as Performance-Based Aid? An Examination of Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements in the Nation's Largest Need-Based Aid Program (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
December 2014
The Medium-Term Labor Market Returns to Community College Awards: Evidence From North Carolina
November 2014
On Second Chances and Stratification: How Sociologists Think About Community Colleges
October 2014
Evaluating For-Profit Higher Education: Evidence From the Education Longitudinal Study (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
September 2014
The Labor Market Returns to For-Profit Higher Education: Evidence for Transfer Students (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
January 2014
Improving Students' College Math Readiness: A Review of the Evidence on Postsecondary Interventions and Reforms (A CAPSEE Working Paper)
July 2013