Vivian Yuen Ting Liu

Associate Director, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support, City University of New York • Research Affiliate, CCRC

Vivian Yuen Ting Liu is the associate director of the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support at the City University of New York (CUNY). She conducts quantitative research on the academic and labor market outcomes to prominent higher education pathways and phenomena using state administrative datasets and restricted-use national datasets. Her research has implications for increasing students' likelihood of college completion, especially for low-income and marginalized students. Her research interests include transfer students, financial aid, community college credentials, summer enrollment, for-profit education, and the economic returns to higher education.

Liu holds a PhD and an MA in economics and education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BA with a double major in economics and education from Macalester College, Minnesota.

Prior to coming to CCRC, she worked as a quantitative analyst and Pittsburgh specialist at Communities for Teaching Excellence, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She also worked as a quantitative consultant for Teach For America, New York.

Liu joined the Helix Education podcast for an October 2020 episode on supplemental enrollment partnerships in higher education.