Teachers College, Columbia University

The Unintended Mission of Community Colleges: Enrollment Patterns, Academic Outcomes, and Labor Market Returns of Reverse Transfer Students

Date and Time: March 15, 2018 3:15–4:30 PM
Location: Portland, OR
Venue: Hilton Portland & Executive Towers | Galleria 1

This presentation described results from a study on four- to two-year college transfer. The study aimed to answer four research questions:

  1. What are the characteristics of students who begin in four-year colleges but enroll in courses at two-year colleges? What courses do they enroll in?
  2. Do transfer students have different outcomes than non-transfer students?
  3. Do individuals with temporary enrollments at two-year colleges accumulate a different level of human capital than those who never transfer? Do employers see them differently?
  4. Are there penalties for staying in two-year colleges for too long?


Research Affiliate
Community College Research Center