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Completion by Design

May 2011−February 2016

This major Gates Foundation-funded community college reform initiative is designed to increase the proportion of low-income young adults who earn postsecondary credentials and shorten their time to completion. CCRC is providing participating colleges and states with a framework for analyzing their data on student progression and success, conducting analyses of key issues and trends across colleges, and providing technical assistance to colleges on conducting loss-momentum point analysis and using the results to improve programs and services.

This project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Strengthening Program Pathways Through Transformative Change
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Get With the Program ... and Finish It: Building Guided Pathways to Accelerate Student Completion
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Lingerers in the Community College
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JUNE 2014
Start With the End in Mind: Building Guided Pathways to Student Success
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APRIL 2014
Strengthening Transfer Pathways: Tips and Tools for Engaging Faculty
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MARCH 2014
Should Community College Students Get an Associate Degree Before Transferring to a Four-Year Institution
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