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The Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy

This handbook presents a wide range of research on adults who have low literacy skills. It looks at the cognitive, affective, and motivational factors underlying adult literacy; adult literacy in different countries; and the educational approaches being taken to help improve adults’ literacy skills.


Developmental Reading and English Assessment in a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership

This paper reports findings from a researcher-practitioner partnership that assessed the readiness for postsecondary reading and writing demands of 211 students in developmental reading and English courses in two community colleges.


Facilitating Student Learning Through Contextualization (Assessment of Evidence Series)

This journal article reviews the evidence for contextualization, an instructional approach that connects foundational skills and college-level content.

JULY 2013

A Contextualized Curricular Supplement for Developmental Reading and Writing

This journal article describes two experiments conducted with developmental students that investigated the impact of a contextualized intervention focused on written summarization and other reading and writing skills.

MAY 2013

Literacy Skills Among Academically Underprepared Students

This article reviews studies published from 2000 to 2012 on the literacy skills of underprepared postsecondary students and identifies reading and writing processes that have been overlooked in the literature.

MAY 2013

Introduction to Special Issue of Community College Review: Skills and Trajectories of Developmental Learners

This introduction summarizes the purpose and key findings of the four articles in a special edition of theCommunity College Review.


Teaching Academically Underprepared Students in Community Colleges

This chapter discusses instructional approaches intended to prepare initially low-skilled college entrants for the reading, writing, and mathematics skills they need to learn from the postsecondary curriculum.


A Contextualized Intervention for Community College Developmental Reading and Writing Students

This paper provides evidence on the potential efficacy of a contextualized approach in helping students develop an important academic skill, written summarization.


Academic Progress of Community College Nursing Aspirants: An Institutional Research Profile

This article reports on a study that tracked the academic progress of a cohort of nursing aspirants over a three-year period.

MARCH 2006

Can Community Colleges Protect Both Access and Standards? The Problem of Remediation

This article details the qualitative case study that investigated state and institutional practices for remediation in 15 community colleges selected for region, size, and urbanicity.


Institutional Decision Making for Increasing Academic Preparedness in Community Colleges

This publication identifies current organizational and instructional approaches to developmental education in community colleges and recommends a process by which colleges can make institutionally appropriate decisions to improve developmental education outcomes.


Remediation Beyond Developmental Education: The Use of Learning Assistance Centers to Increase Academic Preparedness in Community Colleges

This journal article details a case study on 15 community colleges across the United States and includes findings revealing important means of increasing students' academic preparedness for postsecondary study.

APRIL 2003

Trends in Community College Assessment and Placement Approaches: Implications for Educational Policy

This paper reports on findings from a qualitative study that examined students' academic preparedness and assessment and placement policies in 15 U.S. community colleges.


Literacy Education After High School

This article provides information on two major settings for literacy education for adults: adult basic education and community college remedial programs.


The Academic Writing of Community College Remedial Students: Text and Learner Variables

This journal article discusses the performance of community college remedial writing students on a task that required them to compose an informational report from sources.

JULY 2002

Curriculum and Pedagogy for Academic-Occupational Integration in Community Colleges: Illustrations From an Instrumental Case Study (Parts I-IX)

This nine-part series presents case material from a study of curriculum and pedagogy for integrated instruction in seven community colleges across the country.

JULY 2002

The Location of Developmental Education in Community Colleges: A Discussion of the Merits of Mainstreaming vs. Centralization

This article discusses mainstreaming and centralization, two ways in which community colleges organize developmental education.


Repetition and the Informational Writing of Developmental Students

This journal article discusses a study that investigated the effects of task repetition on the writing skills of upper level developmental reading students.


Promising Approaches for Remediation

The journal article describes CCRC's case study research on remediation, which shows that there is more to remediation than traditional developmental education programs.


Academic-Occupational Integration as a Reform Strategy for the Community College: Classroom Perspectives

This journal article argues that integrating academic and occupational education has potential as an educational reform in community colleges but needs to be systematically evaluated.

MARCH 2000

Curriculum and Pedagogy to Integrate Occupational and Academic Instruction in the Community College: Implications for Faculty Development

This report presents case studies of seven community colleges that used curriculum and pedagogy to integrate academic and occupational education.