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An Updated Look at Community College Graduates and the COVID-19 Pandemic


This post describes how, as the pandemic nears the end of its second year, community college degrees continue protect graduates and whether initial pandemic-related disruptions are becoming permanent features of the labor market.

How COVID-19 Changed Students’ Plans for Community College in Fall 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect community college students. This blog post summarizes the level of disruption at the start of this academic year compared to the disruptions of the last academic year in a simple phrase: “half as much.”

Will Students Be Prepared for Community College Post-Pandemic?


This is blog post analyzes U.S. Census data to gauge how school has changed during the pandemic for students who said they planned to attend community college. Findings suggest future students may not be as well-prepared as prior community college cohorts.

Community Colleges and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Which States Have Been Hit Hardest by Enrollment Disruptions?


This blog uses Census Bureau data to offer a state-by-state look at how COVID-19 has disrupted students' college plans.

What COVID-19 Means for Community Colleges


Since the pandemic began, CCRC has been thinking about COVID-19's many impacts on community colleges. Here, you'll find a roundup of our coronavirus-related blog posts and media mentions.