Implementation and Impacts of Performance Funding in Three States

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October 2016
Performance Funding for Higher Education
April 2016
Looking Inside the Black Box of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Policy Instruments, Organizational Obstacles, and Intended and Unintended Impacts
March 2015
Organizational Learning by Colleges Responding to Performance Funding: Deliberative Structures and Their Challenges
January 2015
Increasing Institutional Capacity to Respond to Performance Funding: What States Can Do
November 2014
Implementing Performance Funding in Three Leading States: Instruments, Outcomes, Obstacles, and Unintended Impacts
November 2014
Policy Instruments in Service of Performance Funding: A Study of Performance Funding in Three States
November 2014
Institutional Changes to Organizational Policies, Practices, and Programs Following the Adoption of State-Level Performance Funding Policies
November 2014
Obstacles to the Effective Implementation of Performance Funding: A Multistate Cross-Case Analysis
November 2014
Unintended Impacts of Performance Funding on Community Colleges and Universities in Three States
September 2014
Performance Funding for Higher Education: Forms, Origins, Impacts, and Futures
February 2014
Performance Funding: Impacts, Obstacles, and Unintended Outcomes
February 2014
The Political Origins of Performance Funding 2.0 in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee: Theoretical Perspectives and Comparisons With Performance Funding 1.0
August 2013
Envisioning Performance Funding Impacts: The Espoused Theories of Action for State Higher Education Performance Funding in Three States
July 2013
Performance Funding for Higher Education: What Are the Mechanisms? What Are the Impacts?
December 2011
The Impacts of State Performance Funding Systems on Higher Education Institutions: Research Literature Review and Policy Recommendations