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Online Courses in Community Colleges

May 2009−December 2012

This study explores factors that affect teaching and learning in online courses, including faculty development, faculty and student perceptions, students’ online readiness, and online instructional activities. This qualitative study builds on quantitative analyses showing that students perform more poorly in online courses than in face-to-face courses. Interviews with online students, faculty, and support staff at two community colleges, as well as observations of online courses, were completed in spring of 2011. Analysis of these data is currently underway.

This study is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and by Lumina Foundation for Education.


Predicting Online Student Outcomes From a Measure of Course Quality
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Adaptability to Online Learning: Differences Across Types of Students and Academic Subject Areas
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MARCH 2014
Choosing Between Online and Face-to-Face Courses
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MAY 2015
What Is Best Learned Online, and What Types of Students Benefit from Online Learning
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APRIL 2014
Tech 2.0: Higher Ed in the Age of MOOCs
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How to Succeed in an Online Class
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