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Scaling Innovation

March 2011−April 2014

scaling-innovation-gray-taglineThis research and implementation project examines how instructional innovation in developmental education can enhance students’ learning and persistence. CCRC has partnered with colleges experienced in developing and scaling promising developmental education instructional reforms. As faculty and administrators at these colleges work with replicating colleges to adapt these innovations to new contexts, CCRC is assessing the replication process and the impact of the reforms on student success. For more information, visit

This project is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.


Examining Faculty Questions to Facilitate Instructional Improvement in Higher Education
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Redesigning Arithmetic for Student Success: Supporting Faculty to Teach in New Ways
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Faculty Orientations Toward Instructional Reform
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MAY 2014
Engaging Faculty in Reform to Support Instructional Improvement
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APRIL 2014
Strengthening Developmental Education Reform: Evidence on Implementation Efforts
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APRIL 2014
Faculty-Led Reform in Developmental Arithmetic: A Case Study of One Community College
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