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Scaling GPS: Guided Pathways to Success

October 2013−September 2016

CCRC, with partner Complete College America, is working with two- and four-year public system leaders, faculty, and administrators in Indiana and Tennessee to implement guided pathways (GPS) reforms. CCRC has helped organize institutes where teams from institutions in these states have convened to take stock of their progress and develop plans for scaling up guided pathways. CCRC is also evaluating the implementation of guided pathways in both states and conducting studies in Tennessee on the cost effectiveness of specific strategies. Based on this work, CCRC is developing guidance materials and tools for systems and colleges in other states that are seeking to adopt guided pathways.

This project is funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education.


Guided Pathways at Community Colleges: From Theory to Practice
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JUNE 2016
Momentum: The Academic and Economic Value of a 15-Credit First-Semester Course Load for College Students in Tennessee
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APRIL 2016
Is Corequisite Remediation Cost-Effective? Early Findings From Tennessee
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MARCH 2016
A Closer Look at Articulation Agreements: Bilateral Support of the AAS
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