Teachers College, Columbia University

Plenary Session: Transforming the Student Experience Through Holistic Student Supports

Date and Time: February 22, 2018 8:30–9:45 AM
Location: Nashville, TN
Venue: Gaylord Resort and Convention Center | Delta Ballroom A

Centering the role of equity is a critical component of transforming the student experience by redesigning student supports into a more seamless and integrated experience. This session bridged theory and practice by sharing national perspectives and research on equity and student supports from Achieving the Dream, the Center for Community College Student Engagement, and the Community College Research Center. A panel of institutional leaders discussed what is happening in practice and where the field needs to make progress.


Mei-Yen Ireland
Director of Integrated Student Support Strategies
Achieving the Dream
Karen Stout
President and CEO
Achieving the Dream
Evelyn Waiwaiole
Executive Director
Center for Community College Student Engagement
Senior Research Associate
Community College Research Center
Pam Eddinger
Bunker Hill Community College
Cynthia Lindquist
Cankdeska Cikana Community College
Jeffrey Rafn
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College