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A Changing Paradigm in High School Mathematics

This paper examines challenges embedded within the prevailing high school mathematics course sequence, which prioritizes algebra, and explores innovations that aim to provide curricula and pedagogy more aligned with students’ academic and career goals.


Improving Developmental and College-Level Mathematics: Prominent Reforms and the Need to Address Equity

This paper examines the equity implications of existing reforms to developmental math and explores the potential of more targeted reforms to address factors such as stereotype threat, math anxiety, instructor bias, and tracking.

MAY 2020

Exploring the State of the Humanities in Community Colleges

This paper discusses what is known about humanities coursework in community colleges, outlines key challenges facing humanities education in this sector, and considers approaches to addressing these challenges.


A Top-Down/Bottom-Up Approach to Statewide Change: Mathematics Pathways to Completion

This report examines the efforts of six state higher education systems to improve student outcomes and close opportunity gaps in mathematics as part of a three-year project led by the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.


Gaining Ground: Findings From the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Impact Study

This CAPR study looks at how four Texas community colleges implemented Dana Center Mathematics Pathways and how instruction in DCMP courses compares with traditional developmental and college-level math courses. Through a randomized controlled trial involving 1,422 students who entered the study from fall 2015 through spring 2017, the researchers examined the impact of DCMP on student outcomes for up to four semesters. The study also considers student perspectives on the reforms and the start-up and ongoing costs of DCMP to the colleges.


Creating Accelerated Pathways for Student Success in Mathematics: A Snapshot of Courses Offered at the Launch of the Mathematics Pathways to Completion Project

This research brief describes findings from a survey about mathematics course offerings at institutions in six states implementing mathematics pathways.