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CCRC produces working papers, research reports, practitioner packets, and other resources aimed at promoting student success.

CCRC studies the history and mission of community colleges and the challenges they face, including growing competition from for-profit colleges.

CCRC conducts research on programs and policies designed to prepare high school students for college.

CCRC identifies factors that contribute to high attrition rates among developmental and adult basic skills students and evaluates programs and policies aimed at increasing college success for these students.

Our researchers study nonacademic factors that influence college success and evaluate the impacts of student support services, student employment, and financial aid on student outcomes.

Our research examines the structure and design of online instruction and its impact on student persistence and completion.

CCRC studies how student populations progress through college and how the structure of college programs and pathways affects rates of completion and transfer.

CCRC conducts research examining the role of community colleges in the U.S. economy and their effectiveness in preparing students for the labor market.

CCRC works with major reform initiatives and studies system-wide reform models to identify practices that increase student success across colleges.