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What We Know About Guided Pathways

By: Thomas Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars & Davis Jenkins


What We Know About Guided Pathways

This practitioner packet is designed to help community college leaders and staff who are considering guided pathways reforms at their college. Part one, What We Know About Guided Pathways, describes the reform model and summarizes evidence supporting its design principles. Part two, Implementing Guided Pathways at Miami Dade College: A Case Study, describes how one college went about implementing guided pathways reforms. Part three, Implementing Guided Pathways: Tips and Tools, offers practical advice on how to get started on reforms following the guided pathways model.

Also provided is a planning template that can be used to facilitate discussion among faculty, staff, and other college personnel about the changes needed to implement essential guided pathways practices. For colleges that have already implemented such practices, an adoption template is available to help assess the institution's progress toward adopting essential guided pathways practices at scale.