Unlocking Opportunity: The Post-Graduation Success and Equity Network

June 2022–November 2025

In this project, CCRC and the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program will collaborate with 10 community colleges or districts to improve their students’ post-college outcomes.

The 10 colleges selected through a competitive application process will work closely with Aspen, CCRC, expert coaches, and field experts over three years on comprehensive reforms with the goal of having thousands more community college students, including students of color and those from lower-income backgrounds, complete programs that lead directly to jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage or to efficient completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Along with increasing access to and success in high-value pathways, participating colleges will commit to decreasing the number of students who are on educational paths that do not clearly lead to strong post-graduation opportunity. That might include students who are undecided, in general education associate degree programs, or in CTE programs aligned to low-wage work.

College presidents and their teams will participate in personalized training and strategic planning with coaching support from Aspen and CCRC staff and other field experts. The colleges will work as a community—engaging in a president's network, annual convenings, peer consultancies, and more. The three-year intensive reform effort will be followed by three additional years of data collection.

This project is funded by Ascendium Education Group, Arnold Ventures, and ECMC Foundation.