Dual Enrollment in One State

February 2012–February 2013

This study of dual enrollment in Tennessee and a sample of peer states aimed to:

  1. develop an understanding of the potential benefits to dual enrollment,
  2. gain information about and generate lessons from peer states’ dual enrollment experiences, and
  3. present possible modifications to Tennessee’s current dual enrollment policies.

CCRC completed a literature review of dual enrollment outcomes and a study of dual enrollment policies in five peer states. CCRC also conducted interviews with Tennessee stakeholders about how current policies are implemented and how they can be modified to improve college completion rates. The study culminated in a set of policy recommendations for consideration by Tennessee policymakers during the 2013 legislative session.

This project was funded by the Committee for Economic Development, The Kresge Foundation, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Tennessee Business Roundtable, the Tennessee College Access & Success Network, and the Tennessee Board of Education.

Project Lead

Melinda Mechur Karp