Teachers College, Columbia University

Integration of Vocational and Academic Curricula Through the NSF Advanced Technological Education Program (ATE)

By Thomas Bailey & Yukari Matsuzuka

This paper reviews the conceptual framework of academic and vocational education integration by referring to past studies and research results.

After describing the data and research methodology that were used for this study, the authors review specific activities in curriculum development, particularly focusing on how academic and occupational components are integrated in the process of curriculum development. They then examine the dissemination of the developed curriculum. The dissemination is discussed in terms of how the ATE curriculum is being used in different college departments including vocational programs, academic departments, and noncredit-based workforce development programs.

The authors go on to investigate how their findings in curriculum development and dissemination are related to issues in articulation and transfer to four-year programs. The paper concludes with a summary and implications of the findings.

This paper was presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 84th Annual Meeting.

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