Jessica Steiger

Senior Research Assistant and PEAR Fellow

Jessica (Jessie) Steiger is a PhD candidate in the Sociology and Education program at Teachers College. Prior to joining TC, Steiger worked with the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (NJ OSHE) leading a portfolio related to creating safer and more inclusive learning environments and promoting student success. She began her work with NJ OSHE as a policy analyst and later transitioned to director of legislative affairs. In her roles, Steiger worked with a variety of stakeholders across all New Jersey institutions of higher education, sister agencies, and other state higher education executive offices to develop and improve statewide higher education policies and programs.

Prior to NJ OSHE, Steiger worked in the greater Newark area helping high school students pursue higher education. She worked with the Seton Hall University Upward Bound program and a community-based college access organization. Steiger is passionate about helping develop high-quality pathways that promote college and career readiness.

Steiger holds an MA in educational theory and policy and a BS in education and public policy from the Pennsylvania State University.