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MARCH 2019

Modernizing College Course Placement by Using Multiple Measures

Written in conjunction with the Education Commission of the States, this brief explains multiple measures assessment and placement, which studies have indicated more accurately predicts students' success in college-level courses than standardized tests alone. The brief also describes how different states are implementing the approach.


Math Pathways: Expanding Options for Success in College Math

This brief, written in collaboration with the Education Commission of the States, describes three math pathways models, lays out the evidence for their effectiveness, and gives recommendations for the effective implementation of math pathways.

APRIL 2018

What We Are Learning About Guided Pathways

This practitioner packet describes the guided pathways reform model; presents case studies of how colleges are approaching key pathways practices, with promising evidence on student success from early adopters; and outlines steps and a timeline for implementing guided pathways reforms.


Developmental Education: An Introduction for Policymakers

This ECS/CAPR brief discusses the importance of and challenges surrounding developmental education and suggests ways in which policymakers can address these challenges.


What We Know About Technology-Mediated Advising Reform

This practitioner packet summarizes CCRC’s research on technology-mediated advising reform and discusses how institutions are attempting to transform advising systems so that they can support a more intensive and personalized case-management model.