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JANUARY 26, 2015
Free-Community College Proposals Seen as Opening Up Opportunities

Davis Jenkins is quoted in a Newsday article on the president's plan to offer free community college tuition, remarking on the importance of ensuring students complete college with the knowledge and skills needed in the labor market.

JANUARY 23, 2015
Where Free-Community-College Plans May Prosper: In the States

In a Chronicle of Higher Education article on national and state-level plans to offer students free community college tuition, Thomas Bailey comments on the need to devote resources to improving completion rates.

JANUARY 22, 2015
Panel Looks at Obama's Plan for Free Community College

On NY1's Inside City Hall, CCRC Director Thomas Bailey discusses President Obama's free community college proposal in a panel with Gail Mellow, president of CUNY's LaGuardia Community College, and Ginia Bellafante, columnist and reporter for The New York Times.

JANUARY 22, 2015
Four Important Considerations Regarding the Free Community College Proposal

On the Hamilton Project's blog, Judith Scott-Clayton and Sandy Baum share their reactions to President Obama's free tuition proposal.

JANUARY 21, 2015
NC Community Colleges Sharpen Focus on Graduating More Students

In the News and Observer (NC), Davis Jenkins discusses North Carolina's efforts to improve graduation rates by strengthening program pathways and improving student tracking systems.

JANUARY 21, 2015
Obama Left Questions Unanswered on Community College Plan

In an article for Newsweek, CCRC Director Thomas Bailey expresses concern that President Obama's proposal for free community college tuition does not provide any additional resources for colleges to improve what they are doing.

JANUARY 21, 2015
The Problem with Obama's "Free Community College" Proposal

In an op-ed for, CCRC Director Thomas Bailey and CCRC co-author Judith Scott-Clayton discuss the pros and cons of President Obama's proposal for free community college tuition.

JANUARY 20, 2015
Skepticism, Hope Greet President's Community College Plan

Thomas Bailey discusses President Obama's plan to offer free community college tuition in Education Week, remarking on the plan's ability to raise awareness of community colleges' affordability but cautioning that broader reforms are needed.

JANUARY 17, 2015
Obama Wants Free Two-Year College Tuition, but Cost May Not Be Biggest Obstacle to Degree

In an article, Davis Jenkins discusses why money, despite its impact on college access, is not the only thing needed to improve college graduation rates.

JANUARY 12, 2015
Where Obama's Community Colleges Plan Falls Short

In the Atlantic, Thomas Bailey comments on President Obama's free community college tuition plan, praising the intention to bring more federal resources to community colleges but pointing out the financial and logistical challenges that many students face apart from tuition.

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