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MAY 03, 2016
Good Outcomes for Transfers

Inside Higher Ed writes about a new study from CCRC's Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment that compares the academic and financial outcomes for students who start at two-year colleges and four-year colleges.

APRIL 28, 2016
Will ‘America’s Promise’ Mean College Is Only for White Kids?

In TakePart online magazine, Davis Jenkins discusses America's Promise, a new grant program from the Department of Labor for community colleges that set up free tuition programs in partnership with local employers looking to fill high-demand jobs.

APRIL 25, 2016
Obama's Free Community College Idea Sees Spotty Success in States

In a POLITICO Pro Education story on the difficulty of launching free community college programs at the local level, Davis Jenkins discusses the funding problems that confront advocates of the programs. (Subscription required.)

APRIL 25, 2016
Is Community College a Stepping Stone? That Depends

CNBC reports on a CCRC study by Davis Jenkins and John Fink that found that small numbers of community college students succeed in transferring to four-year colleges and the efforts of some institutions to change that.

APRIL 22, 2016
Rebate for Completion

In this story in Inside Higher Ed, John Fink talks about a new program in Massachusetts to give community college students incentives to enroll full time and transfer on time, citing research on the importance of momentum toward a degree.

APRIL 22, 2016
Free Tuition Movement Barely on Community College's Radar

Melinda Mechur Karp discusses the importance of making sure outcomes for students and investments in colleges are part of the debate around free community college in this story in University Business.

APRIL 22, 2016
Changing Face of Community College

University Business looks at the movement among community colleges to reorganize along a guided pathways model. Melinda Mechur Karp notes the growing consensus around the model among practitioners, policy makers, and researchers.

APRIL 13, 2016
Finding the Path to Student Success

In a discussion of CCRC's work with national partners to implement pathways reforms, Community College Week names Redesigning America's Community Colleges as the comprehensive source of evidence that these reforms are crucial for student success.

APRIL 11, 2016
Building Clear Paths

Inside Higher Ed discusses The Pathways Project, which asks community colleges to restructure their course offerings to provide pathways to efficient degree completion for students.

APRIL 11, 2016
Colleges Try to Solve a $1.5B Problem discusses the issues surrounding developmental education courses in higher education, quoting Davis Jenkins.

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