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APRIL 27, 2015
The Trouble With Community Colleges

National Journal reviews CCRC's new book, Redesigning America's Community Colleges, and considers the challenges community colleges face on the road to reform.

APRIL 25, 2015
Q&A: The Politics of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Origins, Discontinuations, and Transformations

Kevin Dougherty and Rebecca Natow discuss fundings from their new book on performance funding in an interview with the New Books Network.

APRIL 23, 2015
Howard University Dual Enrollment Program Launches in D.C.

Melinda Mechur Karp comments on the benefits of dual enrollment, particularly its ability to improve access and success for disadvantaged students, in Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

APRIL 23, 2015
To Get More Students Through College, Give Them Fewer Choices

NPR explores a counterintuitive funding from CCRC's new book—that reducing the number of programs students have to choose from could increase completion rates.

APRIL 20, 2015
AACC, Part Two: Innovating While Broke

Inside Higher Ed blogger Matt Reed reports on the AACC a panel on Redesigning America's Community Colleges, illuminating the conflict between the need for systemic change at community colleges and the need for colleges to do more with less.

APRIL 14, 2015
New Book Urges Community College Students to Create Better Paths Toward Student Goals

Davis Jenkins discusses findings from CCRC's new book in the Seattle Times, including the potential of guided pathways to help students reach their college and career goals, contextualized instruction, and high school math curricula.

APRIL 09, 2015
From Remedial to 'Co-requisite'

In a Politico article, Thomas Bailey suggests that a corequisite model of developmental education—currently being considered in Minnesota—could improve student completion rates for entry-level college courses.

APRIL 08, 2015
The 'University of Everywhere' Isn't for Everyone: The Future of Learning Will Be a Big Tent

In an op-ed for Forbes, Andrew Kelly argues against the notion that massive open online courses (MOOCs) will supplant colleges as they currently exist, citing CCRC research on online learning and college structure.

APRIL 07, 2015
A Simpler Path, Authors Say, Is Key to Community-College Completion

In an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education, Thomas Bailey talks about the new book he authored with Shanna Smith Jaggars and Davis Jenkins, and its argument that streamlining program pathways could improve student completion rates.

APRIL 07, 2015
No, Online Classes Are Not Going to Help America's Poor Kids Bridge the Achievement Gap

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Shanna Smith Jaggars refutes the idea that massive open online courses (MOOCs) will revolutionize postsecondary education and make a high-quality education free for all students.

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