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MARCH 24, 2015
Trying to Get Community-School Students to Graduation

In a Crain's New York Business article on CUNY's Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP), Davis Jenkins remarks that community colleges need to have programs with a strong link to jobs and future education to recruit students.

MARCH 23, 2015
Researchers Rethink Community College With Clearer Student Pathways

Shanna Smith Jaggars discusses findings and recommendations from CCRC's new book in Education Week.

MARCH 23, 2015
4 Ways to Spend One Less Semester in College—and Save

Judith Scott-Clayton comments on the importance of students taking 15 credits per semester for on-time college graduation in Money.

MARCH 18, 2015
5 Questions to Ask About Online Community College Courses

In the U.S. News and World Report, Shanna Smith Jaggars discusses things community college students should consider before enrolling in an online course—particularly how much support they might need from a professor.

MARCH 10, 2015
Pipelines To and Fro: The League, Day Three

Inside Higher Ed's "Dean Dad" blogger Matt Reed shares his thoughts on research presented at the League for Innovation conference, including CCRC's work on guided pathways and faculty professional development.

MARCH 02, 2015
Beyond Carrots and Sticks: Helping Colleges Meet the Challenge of Performance Funding

In a blog post for Completion by Design, Kevin Dougherty writes about how states can craft their performance funding policies to support colleges in making the changes necessary to drive improvements in student outcomes.

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
5 Lessons Education Research Taught Us in 2014

Mina Dadgar and Madeline Joy Trimble's journal article on the labor market returns to sub-baccalaureate credentials was one of the American Educational Research Association's 10 most-read articles of 2014.

FEBRUARY 17, 2015
The Promise and Failure of Community Colleges

In a New York Times article that considers the feasibility of President Obama's vision for community colleges, CCRC Director Thomas Bailey remarks on the need to devote more resources to these underfunded institutions.

FEBRUARY 16, 2015
How Many Already Attend Community College for Free?

A Washington Monthly article citing CCRC's work considers why fewer than half of community college students currently attend college for free when two-thirds qualify for Pell Grants that would cover tuition, fees, and books.

FEBRUARY 04, 2015
Would New Students Be Prepared for 'Free' Community College?

In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Thomas Bailey comments on how President Obama's proposal for free community college tuition might impact national efforts to improve remedial education at community colleges.

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