Research Projects

January 2021–March 2023

In this project, CCRC is using a mixed-methods design to examine how community colleges promote and facilitate enrollment, persistence, and transfer in humanities fields.

June 2019–July 2020

CCRC is developing two tools to help colleges identify equity gaps at the program level and to reflect on current policies and practices that may be contributing to inequitable outcomes and seek to change them.

September 2020–July 2023

To support colleges' efforts to implement guided pathways reforms, CCRC is developing a set of resources that includes workshop curricula and materials as well as summer data institutes.

January 2020–December 2021

As part of the next frontier of guided pathways work, CCRC and WestEd are studying how community colleges are partnering with local employers, universities, and K-12 schools to build cross-sector educational pathways to good jobs in their communities.

December 2019–December 2022

CCRC is evaluating the Caring Campus Initiative, a project designed to create a positive, supportive campus culture and to increase students’ sense of connectedness to the college through the development of student-centered behaviors and activities among faculty and staff.

July 2019–June 2025

The CCRC–City University of New York (CUNY) policy lab is developing broader and more nuanced measures of post-college success; studying what factors predict successful transitions from college into the labor force; and evaluating the impact of specific interventions and experiences that may improve post-college transitions, particularly for disadvantaged groups.

June 2019–August 2025

In this project, CCRC will investigate the effects of Federal Work-Study (FWS) at a large, urban, public postsecondary system using a randomized lottery among equally eligible FWS applicants.

June 2019–November 2020

In this project, CCRC will study the costs of implementing guided pathways at three colleges in Michigan, Texas, and California to determine if the reforms are a sustainable strategy for these institutions in the current business environment.

October 2019–September 2023

This project will study whether whole-college guided pathways reforms can improve STEM outcomes for underrepresented students and students generally.

July 2019–June 2023

This exploratory study will examine English learners’ experiences in community college; it will focus on institutional policies and practices related to their enrollment and advancement in English as a Second Language and developmental English courses as well as college-level courses and programs likely to impact their academic outcomes.

July 2019–December 2021

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Task Force on the Work of the Future, CCRC is examining how employers’ adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics is impacting workforce education programs at community colleges, with a focus on programs and practices that offer meaningful opportunities for low income and underrepresented students to advance economically.

March 2019–August 2019

CCRC is documenting emerging practices in credit/noncredit workforce education program alignment among a set of 13 community colleges identified by the Capital One Foundation. 

September 2018–August 2021

Led by the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, this project seeks to create a new paradigm for college and career readiness in mathematics and in doing so reduce equity gaps and prepare students for success in postsecondary education and a range of occupations.

September 2018–August 2020

This research project is designed to better understand the drivers that can increase equitable access to and success in dual enrollment, early college high schools, Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB).

May 2005–January 2006

CCRC reviewed state policies supporting the College and Career Transitions Initiative, which aimed to strengthen partnerships between high schools, community colleges, and local labor markets.

January 2018–December 2019

This project examined how humanities and liberal arts coursework influences bachelor's degree completion for students who transfer from community colleges.

November 2017–August 2020

CCRC is partnering with the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges to produce a series of practitioner-oriented research reports and briefs as well as a field guide with associated tools to help practitioners implementing pathways measure the effectiveness and costs of their reforms.

July 2017–July 2021

In partnership with Education Northwest (EdNW), CCRC tested the usability of Lesson Study among instructors teaching developmental mathematics at three community colleges in Oregon.

November 2016–December 2019

Through this project, CCRC will provide practitioners and policymakers with actionable findings that can be used to plan, implement, and refine developmental English, developmental reading, and ESL reforms and to improve postsecondary literacy outcomes.

January 2017–May 2019

CCRC is conducting research on the implementation of the CUNY ASAP scale-up at Bronx Community College, using data gathered from interviews and discussions with students, administrators, and faculty to inform and refine the implementation process in real time.

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