Building Transfer Student Success at Macomb Community College

January 2016–December 2016

Colleges are beginning to experiment with transfer pathways that would support more students in transferring to, and succeeding at, a four-year college destination. The most promising transfer pathway strategies, however, have proven difficult to implement in “thick” transfer markets, such as the one in which Macomb Community College and its many transfer destinations are located.

This one-year project allowed Macomb to work with its key transfer destinations and CCRC to understand different types of transfer students, their success rates at the various destinations, and the factors that underlie their success and failure. The goal of these analyses was to enable Macomb and its transfer destinations to take the first steps toward the design of a new model to support transfer student success in thick markets.

This project was funded by The Kresge Foundation through Macomb Community College.

Project Lead

Michael Armijo