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Assessment of Students’ Postsecondary Outcomes in California NAF Academies

May 2016−April 2018

NAF partners with existing high schools in high-needs communities to implement NAF academies – small learning communities focused around STEM-infused, industry-specific curricula and work-based learning experiences, including internships. CCRC is working with NAF to conduct research on NAF students’ postsecondary outcomes as well as students’ experiences in the transition from high school to college. CCRC will address the following research questions:

  • What are the impacts of NAF academy participation on postsecondary outcomes in terms of college matriculation, remedial need, credit accumulation, college GPA, persistence, and credit completion?
  • To what extent do NAF graduates take college courses or declare majors that are aligned with their NAF academy theme?
  • How do NAF graduates perceive their experiences in the transition to college? Do they believe that participation in a NAF academy gave them a strong foundation for postsecondary success

This project is funded by The James Irvine Foundation via NAF.

Project Lead