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Accelerated Developmental Education Models

May 2009−December 2012

CCRC is conducting mixed-methods studies of two accelerated developmental education programs: FastStart at the Community College of Denver and the accelerated English program at Chabot College in California. Previous CCRC research of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) at the Community College of Baltimore County suggests that such programs offer underprepared students a more expeditious route to and through introductory college-level courses.

This project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and by Lumina Foundation for Education.


Three Accelerated Developmental Education Programs: Features, Student Outcomes, and Implications
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MAY 2014
Accelerating the Integrated Instruction of Developmental Reading and Writing at Chabot College
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MARCH 2014
Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform
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JUNE 2012
The Accelerated Alternative: Findings from an Analysis of Chabot College’s One-Semester Integrated Reading and Writing Developmental English Course
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JUNE 2012
Tracking the Success Rates of Students in ALP: New Findings on the Accelerated Learning Program
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JUNE 2011
FastStart: Accelerating Student Progress and Engaging Faculty as Learners
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